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Giving hope to children

Africa Orphan Care’s mission is to eternally impact the lives of the African orphan generation by providing care and compassion.

Africa Orphan Care orphan
Africa Orphan Care orphan

The family structure

Dr. S. Farag (Newstart Founder) and Dr. Joel Musvosvi.
our solution
our solution

Traditionally, African society had no such thing as an orphan. When the social structure was intact, the extended family immediately adopted any child who lost his or her parents. In many African countries economic turmoil and civil unrest have severely disrupted these structures.

The traditional concept of an extended family has come under so much stress that societies have not been able to deal with the problem of orphans, especially in the numbers generated by the multitude of parental deaths caused by AIDS. Thus the thousands of defenseless children who now make the street their home."

UNICEF estimates...

...that over 50 million orphans struggle for survival in sub-Saharan Africa. While we cannot save them all, we can touch the lives of some through compassionate care and rescue them from a life of hopelessness. For those children it makes all the difference in the world.  

our work

How we help

Africa Orphan Care supports and teams up with existing orphan care ministries that provide care across Africa.

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Get involved

our goal

Africa Orphan Care is a volunteer Christian organization open to all who embrace our mission statement.  We welcome inquiries for volunteer opportunities in building as well as medical and educational endeavors. Of course we appreciate the generous gifts that keep hope and opportunity alive for these dear children.

Africa Orphan Care orphan
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